Membership Criteria & Dues Structure


National Venture Capital Association Admission Requirements

NVCA is open by invitation to all professional venture capital or private equity organizations and corporate venture capital investors who are responsible for investing risk capital in developing companies or industries on a professional basis and who meet the criteria outlined below.

  1. Members must be actively engaged in private equity investing on a cash-for-equity basis. Further, they must invest from a dedicated pool of capital that has been allocated for the purpose of venture capital or private equity investments. The Member firm must have at least $5 million under management for the sole purpose of private equity investing.
  2. The organization must employ a professional staff consisting of at least one full-time employee or full-time equivalent whose sole professional activity is direct private equity investing.
  3. Members must utilize a professional approach before and after they make an investment, including the maintenance of a continued interest in the companies they sponsor.
  4. A member’s business must be operated out of an office located in the United States.
  5. The managers of the business must be U.S. citizens or resident aliens.
  6. Members’ business must be subject to U.S. taxation and laws.
  7. Renewal of Annual Membership in NVCA is subject to review and approval by the Membership Committee and continued compliance with the criteria above.

Admission Procedures

  1. Complete the application and return it to NVCA along with printed material describing the investment activities of the firm applying for membership (e.g. fund prospectus, promotional brochure).
  2. All applications will be acted upon immediately by the NVCA Membership Committee.
  3. Notification of approval of an applicant will be sent in writing, along with an invoice for dues.

NVCA Dues Structure

Capital Under Management is defined as all funds raised less any fully liquidated funds. Membership dues for SBICs are calculated based on private capital raised. Corporate venture groups should call our membership department (703-524-2549) for our special corporate dues structure and application.

Revised Dues Structure – Effective April 7, 2011

Capital Under Management (CPM)Dues Payment
$5M - $99M 0.000064 x capital under management ($1,250 min)
$100M - $200M $6,400 + 0.000016 x (E – 100)
$201M - $999M $11,750 + 0.00001 x (E – 201)
$1B - $1.999B $22,750 + 0.000005 x ( E – 1000)
$2B - $3.3B $36,250 (flat fee)
$3.4B or greater $39,000 (flat fee) maximum

We estimate that 69% of your dues will be used for lobbying and is not deductible because of recent changes in federal tax law.

If you are a corporation and are not investing from a dedicated pool of capital, please contact Hannah Veith at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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