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NVCA is the leading public policy advocate for the venture capital industry. The Association works with all branches of government and the media in order to foster a better understanding of how venture capital positively impacts the U.S. economy and advocates for policies that encourage innovation, new business creation and entrepreneurship.

Public Policy Highlights

Nov 20 NVCA Statement on President's Executive Order on Immigration
Sept 30 NVCA Submits Proposal to Spur Energy Innovation
Sept 15 NVCA to FCC: Entrepreneurs Should Not Face Arbitrary Roadblocks on Internet (Letter)
Aug 11 Regulatory & Reimbursement Policy Changes Key to Maintaining US Leadership in Medical Innovation
July 30 NVCA Supports Legislation to Increase Access to Capital for Women Entrepreneurs
July 15 NVCA Raises Concerns Related to FCC Rulemaking on Net Neutrality
July 10 NVCA Welcomes Passage of TROL Act by Energy and Commerce Subcommittee
June 25 NVCA Applauds SEC for Developing Pilot Program for Wider Tick Sizes
June 23 Provisions in Appropriations Bill to Improve FDA’s SPA Program Draw Support from VC Industry
June 23 NVCA Letter on FDA's SPA Process
June 11 NVCA Members Testify at Congressional Hearing on Incentives to Advance Medical R&D
Mar 18 NVCA Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Patent Reform
Feb 26 NVCA Responds to Chairman Camp’s Tax Reform Proposal
Feb 20 NVCA Discusses Key Areas of Patent Reform at White House Event
Jan 29 NVCA Comments on Decimalization
Oct 20 NVCA Comments on H.R. 3309 – The Innovation Act
Oct 15 NVCA Supports TRANSFER ACT of 2013
Sept 25 NVCA Comments on General Solicitation
Sept 13 MedIC Comments on FDA IDE Guidance
Aug 26 NVCA/MedIC Comment on FDA Guidance on Expedited Programs for Serious Conditions
Aug 2 VC Will Coleman: Senate Testimony on Energy Tax Reform
July 30 NVCA Signs onto House Letter Supporting Immigration Reform
July 26 NVCA July 2013 Letter to Senate on Tax Reform
July 18 Will Coleman Testifies Before Senate on Clean Energy Finance
July 10 NVCA Board Member Ray Leach Testifies Before House on Capital Formation
June 20 NVCA Releases American Made 2.0 Study Findings
May 29 NVCA Endorses IPEV Valuation Guidelines
May 22 A Layman’s Guide to the INVEST Visa
May 15 NVCA requests FASB for additional time to study the Financial Instruments exposure draft
Apr 25 NVCA and MedIC Release Patient Capital 3.0 (Report)
Apr 18 NVCA Supports Immigration Reform in the Senate (Letter to Sen. Bennet, Letter to Gang of 8)
Mar 20 NVCA Files Amicus Brief on Myriad Case
Mar 19 NVCA Member Testifies on Health IT 3-19-13
Mar 14 NVCA Joins Tech Community in Support of High-Skilled Immigration Reform
Mar 5 NVCA’s Deepak Kamra Testifies on Immigration Policy Supporting Startup Visa (Testimony and Press Release)
Feb 27 NVCA/MedIC Comments on FDA Alternative Approval Pathway
Jan 29 Summary of SBA’s Final Rule on SBIR/STTR
Nov 7 NVCA 2012 Election Analysis
Nov 1 NVCA Comment Letter: Private Company Decision-Making Framework
Sept 7 FDA 2012 Benefit/Risk Guidance – VC Perspective
Sept 7 Medical Device Innovation Ecosystem Presentation
July 31 Energy, Investor and Tech Communities Provide Statement Regarding “No More Solyndras” Act
July 16 NVCA Submits Comment Letter on SBIR Draft Rule
July 12 Summary of FDASIA Drug and Device Provisions July 2012
July 9 NVCA & MedIC Commend Signing of FDA Safety and Innovation Act
May 31 NVCA & MedIC Applaud Passage of FDA User Fee Reauthorization Bills
May 15 NVCA Sends Letter To Congress in Support of Clean Energy Standard
Apr 5 NVCA Thanks U.S. Congress for Passage of JOBS Act
Mar 28 Startup Companies Hiring for Technical and Sales Jobs
Mar 27 Congress Passes JOBS Act – NVCA Thanks Supporters
Mar 20 JOBS Act Facts
Mar 15 Associations Support JOBs Act
Mar 12 700+ Entrepreneurs Urge Senate to Act on IPO On Ramp Legislation (Letter)
Mar 8 NVCA Applauds House Passage of IPO On Ramp Legislation
Mar 6 On Ramp Q&A
Feb 16 NVCA & NYSE Support HR 3606
Feb 15 NVCA Comments on Investment Company Criteria (Topic 946)
Feb 15 NVCA Member Testifies on MDUFA Re-Authorization
Feb 6 NVCA Submits Comment Letter re “Volker Rule”
Dec 16 NVCA Comments on FAF Proposal for Private Company Financial Reporting
Dec 14 Kate Mitchell Testifies on IPO Legislation
Dec 9 NVCA Sends Letters To Congress Supporting SBIR Compromise
Dec 7 NVCA Voices Opposition To SOPA and PIPA Legislation
Dec 1 NVCA Statement on Spurring Job Growth Through Capital Formation
Nov 23 White Paper Guidance on ERA/RIA Filing Pathway
Nov 17 NVCA Submits Amicus Brief on Prometheus vs. Mayo Clinic Case
Nov 16 Venture-Backed Startups Looking to Fill Nearly 11,000 Jobs
Nov 2 Venrock’s Ray Rothrock Testifies On Fostering Innovation
Oct 20 IPO Task Force Issues Recommendations- (Press Release, Study, and Slide Deck)
Oct 10 NVCA’s Mark Heesen Discusses Liquidity Challenges on BioCentury 10/9/11
Oct 6 MedIC Releases Vital Signs (Press Release and Data Slides)
Oct 5 NVCA statement on capital market regulatory reforms
Sept 27 NVCA Member Testifies on Impact of Medical Device and Drug Regulation
Sept 14 NVCA Members Testify in Support of Startup Visa Legislation (Shervin Pishevar and Jason Mendelson)
Sept 12 StartUpHire and NVCA Work with the Startup America Partnership to Promote Jobs
Sept 1 NVCA Letter to Senate Appropriators In Support of ARPA-E Funding – 9/1/11
Aug 1 NVCA Letter to FAF Supporting Blue Ribbon Panel Recommendations
July 7 NVCA Member Jonathan Leff Testifies on Improving FDA Approval Process
July 7 ARPA-E Letter to Congressional Appropriators
July 1 NVCA Comments on Medical Device Innovation Initiative
June 24 NVCA Analysis of SEC VC Definition Ruling
June 23 NVCA Opposes Patent Reform Fee Diversion
June 15 NVCA Signs On to Support Funding for ARPA-E
June 15 NVCA letter on HR 1249, The America Invents Act of 2011
June 6 NVCA Board Member Jack Lasersohn Testifies on FDA Reform Priorities
May 25 NVCA President Testifies Before JEC on Innovation and Job Growth in Life Sciences
Apr 15 NVCA Comments on Senate Clean Energy Standard
Apr 11 NVCA Recommendation for Personal Trading Practices
Apr 8 NVCA and MEDIC FDA Reform Priorities - April 2011
Mar 22 US Treasury Access to Capital Conference Presentation
Mar 18 NVCA Spearheads Grassroots Campaign In Support of ARPA-E
Mar 18 NVCA Testifies on Energy Policy’s Impact on Investment
Mar 3 NVCA Expresses Concern Regarding Patent Reform Legislation S. 23
Feb 10 NVCA Statement Regarding Medical Device Innovation Initiative
Jan 24 NVCA Comment Letter to SEC on Implementation Proposal
Jan 14 NVCA Submits Comments to SEC on VC Definition: Full Comment Letter, Summary, Submission Instructions
Dec 17 NVCA Applauds the Senate Passage of America COMPETES
Dec 16 NVCA & MedIC Comments on Proposed Parallel Review Process of Medical Products
Dec 9 Statement by NVCA and TechNet Support Extending Clean Energy Tax Incentives
Dec 8 NVCA Supports Increasing Offering Limit under SEC Regulation A
Nov 18 FDA Impact on Med Tech Innovation Study (Slide Deck, White Paper and NVCA Statement)
Nov 3 Election Analysis: Impact on Venture Community
Oct 8 NVCA Supports ARPA-E Innovation Summit
Sept 21 Global VC Congress Urges Europe to Protect SME’s from AIFM Directive
Sept 8 NVCA Launches Medical Innovation and Competitiveness (MedIC) Coalition
Sept 7 NVCA Comment Letter on Fair Value Measurement, September 2010
Aug 30 NVCA Director Rothrock Testifies Before Commission on America's Nuclear Future
July 26 Revised Campaign Contribution Policy and Investment Advisors Act Rule Summary
July 21 NVCA Statement on Venture Capital and the Treatments and Cures of Pediatric Diseases
July 20 NVCA's Comments on FDA's Transparency Initiative
June 29 Letter to President in Support of Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA)
June 22 Proskauer Rose Alert on AIFM Directive
June 16 NVCA Expresses Support for Small Business Lending Act
June 16 NVCA Applauds President’s Call to Accelerate Clean Energy Economy
June 14 NVCA Comment Letter on CalPERS Proposed Placement Agent Rules June, 2010
June 10 NVCA Testifies on Improving Technology Transfer
June 10 Council for Medical Innovation Releases Important Study
June 9 NVCA Releases Paper on the Impact of Health Reform on Innovation
May 28 NVCA Letter to Senate Regarding Patent Reform Compromise
May 28 House Discourages Job Creation With Passage of HR 4213
May 26 Mr. President: Academics Oppose Higher Carried Interest Tax
May 20 NVCA Statement on HR 421
May 18 1400+ Entrepreneurs Urge Congress to Preserve Cap Gains Incentive for VC Carried Interest (Letter)
May 13 Letter to Chairman Levin: Protect Michigan, Protect Venture Capital
May 11 5 US Senators Support Cap Gains for VC Carried Interest
May 11 More Than 1700 Urge Senate to Protect VC Carried Interest (Letter)
Apr 27 Carried Interest Taxation Debate: Latest Developments & Frequently Asked Questions
Apr 21 Support for ARPA-E Funding - Press Release and Letter
Apr 21 Venture Backed StartUps Add Jobs in Q1
Apr 15 NVCA Support Letter for Cures Acceleration Network (CAN)
Apr 9 NVCA Warns of Ramifications of AB 32 Delay in CA
Apr 7 Green Bank’s Role in Energy Transformation
Apr 5 Model Campaign Contributions Policy to Comply with SEC Proposed Rule 206(4)-5
Mar 24 NVCA Member Paul Holland House Testimony: Supporting Innovation in the 21st Century Economy
Mar 9 NVCA Letter of Support for Broadband Access
Mar 2 NVCA/ACA Letter Regarding Financial Stability Act of 2009
Mar 1 NVCA Statement Regarding 510(k) Review Process
Feb 25 NVCA Applauds Startup Visa Act
Feb 24 NVCA Recognizes Congresswoman Anna Eshoo as a Champion of Innovation With The American Spirit Award for 2010
Feb 23 NVCA Statement to Senate Finance Committee on Small Business Tax Issues relating to Small Business
Jan 22 NVCA Letter to FDA Regarding Novel Therapies and Technologies - January 2010
Jan 21 Senate CEDA Legislation Would Create Jobs
Jan 8 NVCA Letter to White House Regarding Health Care Reform, January 2010
Jan 8 NVCA Supports First Ever ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit
Jan 7 NVCA Comment letter to FASB about Consolidation of Financial Statements – January 2010
Dec 9 House of Representatives Penalizes Job Creators to Pay for Year End Tax Extensions
Dec 3 NVCA Members Invited to President Obama’s Job & Economic Growth Forum
Nov 10 VC Industry Applauds Exemption Language in Senate Financial Reform Legislation
Nov 5 NVCA Urges Senate to Pass Clean Energy Jobs Act
Oct 15 Letters to Congress on Proposed Tax on Medical Device Sector
Oct 14 NVCA testifies on Access to Capital for Small Businesses
Oct 8 NVCA Comment Letter Regarding FASB Fair Value Measurement and Disclosure
Oct 6 NVCA Chairman Terry McGuire Testifies in Support of Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Draft (Written Testimony, Oral Testimony)
Oct 1 NVCA Comment Letter on Proposed Restrictions on Political Contributions by Certain Investment Advisors
Oct 1 NVCA Applauds Venture Capital Exemption Language in Draft of Investment Advisers Act
Sept 23 NVCA Member, Trevor Loy, testifies on Capitol Hill on impact on small business from proposed financial system reforms
July 29 NVCA Testifies on IP Protection in the Cleantech Sector
July 28 Background on Investment Adviser Registration
July 15 Congressional testimony on regulation of hedge funds and private investment pools
July 14 NVCA Congressional Testimony on Follow-on Biologics
July 10 Cost of Capital for Early Stage Biotech Start-Ups Found to be in Excess of 20 Percent (Presentation, Executive Summary)
June 17 NVCA Response to President Obama's Plan for Financial System Regulation Reform
June 4 NVCA Testimony on Strengthening the SBIR Program
May 12 NVCA's Statement Regarding the Impact of the Medical Device Safety Act
Apr 29

NVCA Makes Recommendations to Address Capital Markets Crisis (Presentation Slideshow)

Apr 22 NVCA Testimony Regarding the SBIR Program
Mar 26 NVCA Testimony: Expanding Equity Investment in Small Businesses - (Release or Testimony)
Mar 24 VC Industry Joins President in Support of Clean Technology
Mar 12 Energy Provisions in Economic Stimulus Bill
Feb 12 NVCA testimony to Senate Committee on DOE Loan Guarantee Program
Feb 10 NVCA Submits Comments on Patent Reform
Feb 3 VC's Call For Focus on Job Creation and Economic Growth in SBIR Program
Jan 21 NVCA Submits Letter to Congress in Support of R&D Funding





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