Professional Standards


  • Membership in the NVCA implies support of venture capital development, advancement of technology, productivity, and the creation of opportunity.
  • Members will conduct their business in a professional way and will not engage in practices that would be damaging to the image of the venture capital industry.
  • Members will avoid financing enterprises or participating in activities that are inimical to these goals.
  • Members will know the true source of all significant investment capital in their funds and will not represent major "blind" pools of capital. Members will not seek investment capital from foreign governments or sources deemed to be hostile to the United States by the State Department of the United States.
  • Members will take a long-term view of the economy and venture capital industry to build value over a period of time, rather than to engage in short-term speculations.
  • Members will be accountable to their investors with fully disclosed operating and financial reports.
  • Members will abide by decisions of the Professional Standards Committee designated by the NVCA Board of Directors.
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